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Impeachment On Day One

Pitch Impeachment On Day One

19 min after inauguration...

Before he could phone, sign an executive order or a bill into law, what was the reason for impeachment then?

Abuse of power?:D

3 others attempts were abandonned.

If this one (4th attempt) fails Dems say they'll keep at it.

Pelosi said Trump will be "impeached forever"... what is the meaning of that?

(Clinton was impeached, not removed).

House Trial begins on January 22, 2020... Close to the Inauguration aniversary, of course. Same show, year 3, new episode.

23 Jan 2020


Thanks Pete, Enrico, Noor.
And Noor, thanks again for understanding my narrow angle, it isn't the most popular

24 Jan 2020

So glad you, a fellow Canuck, speak truth and common sense with your awesome work.

24 Jan 2020

Good one.

24 Jan 2020

True NEMO, excellent stuff

24 Jan 2020

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