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Out! Out, damned spot...!

Pitch Out! Out, damned spot...!

It sure has been a helluva week for US Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren — the Politico hit-piece smears on Sanders that blew up in her face, the roasting that she and CNN are getting for the treatment they gave Sanders at the Democratic Debate, the wave of requests for donation refunds so big it choked the servers at ActBlue... "Fauxcohantas" is going down like the Hindenburg, and I can't pretend I'm not enjoying it.

16 Jan 2020



23 Jan 2020

Yes !! Excellent one, Mike. Here my vote

17 Jan 2020

you're not alone, haha
she is as cringy to watch as hillary, so phony, lies as much
i can't stand her voice vibratos
out with her

17 Jan 2020

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