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16 Jan 2020


It is clear that the cartoonist is a Turkish person and is under the influence of the lies of the Zionist regime in Turkey. The ruling regime in Turkey is making mercenaries, terrorist groups and jihadist militias fighting national armies for money. The ruling regime in Turkey is blackmailing the people of the Arab region in order to steal its wealth and interfere in its affairs and occupy its lands, Turkey is an occupying country like Israel, Turkey also always helps Israel and there is great economic, military and tourism cooperation between Israel and Turkey; Turkey is creating and training terrorist armed militias in Syria and Libya In order to occupy the Syrian and Libyan lands and steal the wealth of those Arab countries and to spread terrorism in the neighboring Arab countries

29 Jan 2020

thanks Enrico and Antonio

18 Jan 2020

Excellent work, Mikail !

17 Jan 2020

Good one.

17 Jan 2020

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