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The Republican controlled US Senate is expected to vote along strictly partisan lines in impeachment trial.

10 Jan 2020


FACT is House vote 100% Dem, minus Tulsi = partisan vote ("present", no vote, good for her, your partisan vote is such a sham Pelosi didn't want it in the irst place and doesn't want to go ahead. Scumer (Senate) is pissed and wants news witnesses because the House did a clown play.

You forgot there are many RINOS there, I'm pretty sure Romney will vote for impeachment.

PATISANSHIP, your cartoon seems to say "partisanship" (of the Reps only) is bad.
Hey buddy, you're part of it, obviously.
I only state facts and that's enough to piss you off.

Oh, let me say something mean and run away, "I'm done commenting!"

Lucky for you, your cartoon is funny in itself.

12 Jan 2020

I'll let you do that NEMO. I forgot that these days, facts, evidence, right or wrong are irrelevant. Partisan opinions it seems is the only thing that matters, unfortunately.
My partisan opinion is that I tend to question what anyone says especially is they have told 15,000 lies. Go ahead and ignore that fact. I'm done commenting.

12 Jan 2020


the Democrat House vote was 100% strictly partisan, minus smart Tulsi
did you make a cartoon about that too?

11 Jan 2020

Ha ha ha !

11 Jan 2020

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