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Papal Slap

Pitch Papal Slap

that wasn't a very catholic move Francis!

to free himself the pope slaped twice the hands of a woman who pulled him a bit yes, and he over-reacted. his security didn't seem concerned

i doubt this man loves people anyway, he loves the attention and the media love him

during his tenure as chief of the Argentina church he never adressed pedo complaints he collaborated with the junta 2 priests said to be sent to torture because of him

and I just love getting lectured on ethics by unethical figures

so here is another papal slap... to impostor pope Francis. you're very welcome.

03 Jan 2020


thank you Win, grazie Enrico

06 Jan 2020

Good one.

06 Jan 2020

Really simple and funny,, love it

05 Jan 2020

haha, don't give him ideas

03 Jan 2020

Well at least he didn't punch her in the face.

03 Jan 2020

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