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07 Dec 2019


We all know liberal media say trump attacks the constitution...

But where were they when Obama was putting whistleblowers behind bars, spying on journalists and political opponents, spying on allies (Merkel likes croissants), sending the IRS against political opponents, extending Bush Patriot Act with indefinite detention based on suspicion of possible national security threat (arbitrary detention).
CNN and other mainstream media, aligned with Facebook-Google-Twitter etc campaign for censoring conservative media.
Liberals go after the first amendment (free speech) and the second (gun confiscation). Like it or not, 2 constitutional rights. They also have been attacking christian associations and businesses. etc.
They want to get rid of the electoral college, also established by the framers of the constitution.
Now they are busy trying to impeach a duly elected president with no evidence of whatever, Now listening to "witnesses" of nothng, with ivy league degrees on constitutional law: one believes you can impeach a president for expressing his opinion on twitter... Really? I thought he was entitled to his opinion and express it. First amendment.

So who is really attacking the constitution there?

Take Trump hate (or love) out of the equation, and this is the factual truth. Hate Trump as much as you want, the ones attacking the constitution right now are the Dems with the help of the mainstream liberal media.

07 Dec 2019

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