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After refusing to fly because of the carbon emissions involved, teen activist Greta Thunberg is nearing the end of a stomach-churning four week yacht voyage across a stormy Atlantic ocean and is due to arrive in Lisbon, Portugal on Tuesday en route to the COP25 Climate Change conference in Madrid.

02 Dec 2019


on what millionaire's boat this time? last time it was on a Monaco $6 million boat...

and why is it happening in Spain if it's under the direction of Chili with a logo using Chili's map?
it is very confusing and messed up, typical UN

04 Dec 2019

Hahahahah, really funny!

03 Dec 2019


03 Dec 2019

Well done.

03 Dec 2019

Very good one, Pete. Here my vote

02 Dec 2019

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