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Evidence of Quid Pro Quo

Pitch Evidence of Quid Pro Quo

Ambassadors Taylor Yvanovitch Sondland Volker Lt Col Vindman & deep state and Soros spy mole in the White House Fiona Hill

Show trial disaster: opinions assumptions & emotions no substance no evidence

Amb Sondland: No quid pro quo other than my presumption

Taylor: I disagree with Trump Russia policy

Volker & National Security Counsel Morrison,Vindman boss: no quid pro quo no bribery

Lt Col Vindman: I disagree with Trump's policy, I felt it was inappropriate, the president didn't follow our talking points (HAHA!) and the soldier complained without following the chain of command

28 Nov 2019



05 Dec 2019

oops, typo, sorry:
Biden admitting bribing an Ukrainian president and having the prosecutor investigating burisma and his son fired?

1 min video HERE ---->

03 Dec 2019

Tom, once again you dodged my offer,if your ethics are so great how can't you say anything on Biden admitting bribing an Ukrainian president and haviias much?ng a prosecutor investigating burisma and his son fired?
Please watch the 1 min video HERE ---->

Are you so distracted you can't read me and get to notice a repeated offer? Or is it pure bias?

I adressed the main witnesses, Sondland (ambassador to Europe and Ukraine) being one of the few who directly spoke with the president who told him on the phone, he says: "I want nothing, I want no quid pro quo. I want him to do what he campaigned on (fighting corruption)." Then he texted that to ambassador Taylor.

You're not happy with that, well sorry, write a letter to Sondland then, not to me.
One brags about bribing in public. The other one has no evidence of wrongdoing against him. But I'm the one under brainwash influence?

03 Dec 2019

You forgot to mention all the rest of the witnesses' testimony that undoubtedly confirmed there was a bribe with written documents that prove it as well, an impeachable offense in this country. You can't just take a few words out of context to try to prove your pro Trump point of view.
This is my last comment on this subject. You can have the last word. I'm done. Go back to your Fox news or whatever propaganda you subscribe to.

03 Dec 2019

Tom, sorry if you can't take your blinders off.

Again, it seems you can't read, I put a few of the highest level witnesses answers in my description. "No quid pro quo", "no bribery". Your respectable public servants said it not me.

Patriotic Lt Col Vindman sneaked behind his superior (NCC Morrison) to file his complaint. Chain of command? What else doesn't he respect?

It is and has been a biased political process from day one, not a real legal process. It's obvious to anyone. How many investigations trial shows it has been now? Looks like a continuous smear campaign.

If your ethics are so high, why can't you say anything about Biden bragging on quid pro quo and bribery?

03 Dec 2019

Just another example of support for a lying con artist and traitor and the trashing of respectable decent public servants and patriotic Americans who uphold the US constitution and what it stands for. Putin would love this cartoon.

03 Dec 2019

*i meant 'to avoid avoiding it'

29 Nov 2019

thanks Noor.
yet I prefer my cartoons when funnier. like the previous one (Thanksgiving), but i detected enough suspicious dealings in that process to avoid it.
i appreciate your comments, keep 'em coming

29 Nov 2019

One of your best commentaries yet. Good to know there is another Canadian who sees through this show sham.

29 Nov 2019


29 Nov 2019

really good.

29 Nov 2019

Thanks Pete. Haha, maybe they should. Call them. I'll give you a commission.

What a show, despite being mostly boring, many moments were quite entertaining, I doubt anyone on CM watched more key moments than me, so no need to troll me on this, anyone trying would go down in flames.
I know what I heard, it's another show trial, bullsh*t accusations that fold as soon as the questions become direct, and by the interactions I've seen, the witnesses coordinated with Schiff's operation. Congrats Dems, another Mueller Time pathetic failure.

29 Nov 2019

As always, smashing caricatures (expertly done and spot on) and the Repubs should put this on an easel next to their other visual aid posters in the chambers during the hearings.

29 Nov 2019

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