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Many Republicans in the US Congress are pushing the debunked theory that Ukraine instead of Russia interfered in the election.

27 Nov 2019


hey congratulations.

The video, isn't that evidence enough?
Still, that's funny that Joe brags publicly on record about bribing, extorting, quid pro quo, for stopping an investigation in the company where his incompetent son (and friends) has a board position, the boss of that company gets indicted a few days ago, for defrauding and laundering over a billion... and more to come, but there is nothing there?

27 Nov 2019

So far no wrongdoing by Hunter Biden has been found.
Good that you are reading Politico. Maybe you saw the cartoon I did last week that they chose for their best of the nation's cartoonists that they post each Friday.

27 Nov 2019

i'm no right wing, certainly not a fanatic.
i'm just pointing you to the truth, with a reference to a deeply reserched article from POLITICO, a left wing paper.

but you can chose not to look into it, as fanatics do

oh, and here is a link to a video where Joe brags about bribing then Ukraine pres to fire the prosecutor looking into burisma and his son:
(debunk that and have a nice day)

27 Nov 2019

Thanks Nemo, glad you like the cartoon. Looks like it worked if it brings out the right wing fanatics.

27 Nov 2019

debunked? where?

biden brags about meddling in ukraine with bribery, his son is in burisma, as john kerry's son, a romney aid, pelosi's son is in another sahdy energy company in ukraine too, schiff is linked to investment firms laundering money for burisma, and the burisma boss has been indicted a few days ago and the director of nabu admitted (big politico investigative article) creating the black ledger against manaford for dnc operative chalupa.

but there is nothing to see there because "debunked"?

27 Nov 2019

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