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A Peachy Halloween

Pitch A Peachy Halloween


  • Orange Trump
  • Peach Trump
  • Lyin' Pinnochio Schiff, candy man for the kidz, chair of the Intel Committee calling for impeachment
  • Maleficia Pelosi and her Vodka drink


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31 Oct 2019


hey slobby snob Pete, i haven't seen you here for a few days, good for you
others are way more snobbish here, i was expecting a few more positive reactions on a cute halloween cartoon

04 Nov 2019

Pencil Neck and Pelosi, great caricatures NEMO, my vote. Sorry for being a snob... and a slob :)

03 Nov 2019

Why don't you serve us a Mitch Anil?

03 Nov 2019

grazie Enrico, Anil
halloween used to be more popular

03 Nov 2019

Ah, ah, ah!

01 Nov 2019

Ha ha ha !
( Almost always a Trick-or-Treat turf war between the Congress and the WH. Why doesn't Mitch feature in Halloween 'toons?)

01 Nov 2019

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