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Lebanese Tree

Pitch Lebanese Tree

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29 Oct 2019


Very good

31 Oct 2019

I totally understand that it is not easy to have clear news about what is going on, on the ground, as the international media coverage is not necessarily neutral or accurate. I, myself, am very cautious each time i draw. So many things are involved here.. Anyway, thank you and all our colleagues cartoonists who are doing their best.

30 Oct 2019

Thanks Swaha for clarification. I had different news (however this is police not army...), but I'll look better at the situation. Eventually I'll delete the cartoon, of course. :)

30 Oct 2019

Just to be faithful to what is happening in reality: the army never interferes. It only defends the citizens. And the security forces are only interfering as a "wall" to separate two groups that are in conflict (like what happened yesterday).

30 Oct 2019


29 Oct 2019

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