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Nacionalist riots in Catalonia

Pitch Nacionalist riots in Catalonia

The independentist movement, leaded by irresponsable pseudo-politicians which push people to violent demonstrations , is fast and furiously degenerating into chaos in cities like Barcelona or Tarragona (my own). Read story in the comments please.


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16 Oct 2019


Grazie Enrico.

21 Oct 2019

Gracias Antonio.

21 Oct 2019

Really good.

18 Oct 2019

Excellent work, Miguel !!

17 Oct 2019

Love to the homeland, they say...
What country can feel loved by your children when you see them full of hate, sick-minded and hard-hearted? When she sees her children, still children, throw ingest slaypeople to burn her damaging her other children and giving a petty picture of the mother, sons gresiding instructions from parents and teachers who push her to be heroes by destroying their cities and damaging no guilt of Nothing?
If the motherland is our mother, she cries in pain at the time she sees her children turned into wild beasts how Catalonia should weep!!!

16 Oct 2019

16 Oct 2019

Espagne .Petit résumé de la situation catalane pour nos amis étrangers : une minorité indépendantiste essayant d'imposer sa volonté par la force à une majorité pacifique silencieuse. La fin. En Belgique , les nationalistes séparatistes flamands N -VA protègent Carles Puigdemont.
Ne vous faites pas tromper.

16 Oct 2019

On the 6 and 7 september 2017, the catalan parliament was kidnaped by those guys self called "political prisoners", silencing and violating the rights of 54% of the catalan electoral census (that's the majority of catalans being deprived of their democratic rights). The 9 judged would be imprisoned the very 6 of september in France with no judgement, and half of them wouldn't even exist because their political parties are ilegal over there (this is why catalan independentists politicians wouldn't dare to do what they did here in the catalan side of France). The article 155 to cope with situations of subvertion of the constitutional order is copied and pasted from de German constitution (this is why in Bavaria any attempt of referéndum related with autonomical Independence is automatically suspended. Brief summary of the catalan situation for our foreign friends: An independentist minority trying to impose its will by force to a silent peaceful majority. It is not Catalonia vs. Spain, is catalans vs. catalans. I just recorded myself a couple of hours ago this video with my own camera...this was happening 2 hours ago right under my own window. This is the democratic and peaceful kind of demonstration and protests right here, right now, right in front of my eyes.

16 Oct 2019

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