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Political prisoners...

Pitch Political prisoners...

Protests in Catalunha


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16 Oct 2019


Very good work, Vasco, and very important information that Miguel shares on this hard subject. A hug for both !!

17 Oct 2019

16 Oct 2019

For more "cartoonish" information about the topic I recommend you my last three books here:

16 Oct 2019

Dear Vasco: on the 6 and 7 september 2017, the catalan parliament was kidnaped by those guys you call "political prisoners" silencing and violating the rights of 54% of the catalan electoral census (that'ts the majority of catalans being deprived of their democratic rights). I wonder how would your government in Portugal cope with such a fact, what is written in the portuguese constitution about coup d'etat, sedition, etc. Is it in Portugal forbidden the association of separatist political parties like in France or Germany or...etc? it is not in Spain, not bad for a fascist state. Those guys you call political prisoners would be imprisoned the very 6 of september in France with no judgement, and half of them wouldn't even exist because their political parties are ilegal over there (this is why catalan independentists politicians wouldn't dare to do what they did here in the catalan side of France). The article 155 to cope with situations of subvertion of the constitutional order is copied and pasted from de German constitution (this is why in Bavaria any attempt of referéndum related with autonomical Independence is automatically suspended. I'm afraid you're not well informed about what is going on in Catalonia. By the way, I just recorded myself a couple of hours ago this video with my own camera...this was happening 2 hours ago right under my own window. This is the democratic and peaceful kind of demonstration and protests right here, right now, right in front of my eyes: Parabens ;-)

16 Oct 2019

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