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Basta! (Spanish)

Pitch Basta! (Spanish)

No matter where you stand in this matter, I think that the long prison sentences (even though it could be worse) are only deepening the gap between Spain and Catalonia.


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14 Oct 2019


Thing is you're still keep seeing as oppressed the 46% of independentist population, and not the 54% of non independent catalans (popular majority) that are suffering the oppression of the kidnapped parliament by the illegal independentists politicians. Only because of you hear of the minority setting fire on the streets, but don't hear the silence of the non violent (catalan popular majority). Great mistake and somehow big apology of totalitarism if you think about it.

17 Oct 2019

To react on the words of Miguel. I don;t know wether the Dutch government or justice would do any better. I just know that if that was the case I would make a simular cartoon. The prison sentences could be in line with the law, I agree. But one has to look at the damage it brings and try to make a better decision. Let's say: you're free, but we (Spain) will still not let Catalonia go. By being more reasonable one can win more faith in matters. Same goes for Israel in my opinion: the harder the repression the worse it gets.

17 Oct 2019

Are we being kind of misinformed here or just demagogic? I'd be really curious to read what is about "coup d'etat" in the dutch constitution, and see how your government would cope with the kidnap of the local parliament violating the rights of more than 54% of the catalan voters (independentist are a minority). I'm pretty sure you wouldn't give them roses as a prize though ;-)

16 Oct 2019


15 Oct 2019


14 Oct 2019

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