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Case for Impeachment

Pitch Case for Impeachment

If a president calling a new elected president in Ukraine and asking for a favor investigating known corruption, publicly admited meddling in Ukraine by VP Biden is IMPEACHABLE, how the one bragging about committing it isn't condemnable?

Since the media and cartoonists are so ethical, it appears that it is more moral to attack the one exposing the crime than the one committing it.

Please explain. That should be fun.

Biden said:


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09 Oct 2019


I don't care about your likes or dislikes. I'm just trying to inform people with facts, not ideology.

But it's quite funny how cartoonists here seem to stay away from facts they dislike.
I suppose you know what that makes you... one of the things you attack: blind bigots.

27 Oct 2019


18 Oct 2019

if "we all know Joe is corrupt", why are all the attacks on impeaching Donald when he exposes Joe dealings in Ukraine?

11 Oct 2019

Brilliant and thought-provoking as always NEMO, although we all know that Joe is corrupt

10 Oct 2019

nice pun Anil. Biden was over before he even started, even the democrats wanted him out before thie impeachment attack and Warren passed in front. But that's not the point I'm making here.

10 Oct 2019

Joe Biding his time...will he make it?

10 Oct 2019

thanks Zach

09 Oct 2019

Interesting. My vote.

09 Oct 2019

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