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Make Soros Greta Again

Pitch Make Soros Greta Again

Report: Soros funds Global Climate Strike

Please meltdown on this one :D


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02 Oct 2019



Haha, funny and true

16 Oct 2019

thanks Pete, yeah, well, there is urgency to bring the truth out,
but as you can see, here this cartoon hasn't been gaining traction here

most want to believe Greta is genuine,
but Climate Stike is very well funded by global disruptor Soros...

05 Oct 2019

Great one again NEMO, you're on fire as they say.

05 Oct 2019

that's funny, because that's my cartoon with most likes from FB i think, but here on CM at the moment it doesn't move up... why such a dispariity?

03 Oct 2019

Thanks Anil and Enrico

03 Oct 2019

Good one.

03 Oct 2019

Great caricature !
The two are a study in contrast !

03 Oct 2019

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