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Times Are A-Changing

Pitch Times Are A-Changing

Let's see how well this goes here :D

Girl, go learn Earth Climate History not limited to the last 150 years. Go enjoy yourself instead of being a public tool for a political agenda you don't grasp yet

Sorry if I doubt the single theory pushed as a certitude by our leaders.

Radical climate changes happened many times whithout human industry factoring in. Ice Age, mini ice ages and warmer periods (roman empire).

Greta's school program got her depressed, autistic, etc. and others. And now her followers, making her a star: depressing a whole generation. That helps a lot. Congrats!


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27 Sep 2019


Science: Bringing CO2 below 180 parts/ million = All terrestrial llife ends
Politics: Climate Strike is funded by Soros

Conclusion: not science, propaganda.

05 Oct 2019

Tom, I'm glad you want to end this useless conversation, because you can't read: I said pollution and climate are two different things, not pollution and carbon.

Also plenty other forms of pollution.
One doesn't need to be paid by big Oil to remember basic Earth history and basic science classes... Go watch Ice Age and Jurassic Park, let me know how humans changed cimate then.

When they say all science says this is true and a certitude, it's false by principle, one theory only being true is not scientific either. But I'm repeating myself to someone with poor reading attention.

02 Oct 2019

Pollution and carbon in the air from burning fossil fuels are the same thing. Any third grader knows that. I've done plenty of research and am open minded. Science and fact are not political. Theories could be.
Could it be you're working for the oil and gas industry? They have the same talking points.
This is my last comment. I'm done trying to reason with Trump supporters. They just reject any scientific facts and call it fake news.

02 Oct 2019

Smart kids that watched Ice Age, Jurassic Park and other Dinosaur movies know Climate has changed many times over because of sun cycles, the axe tilt, poles inversion, volcanoes, major meteor impacts, etc, not cow farts.

Pollution, nobody is for it. But climate is a different thing. Fixating on one single (politicised) theory is not scientific. Real science looks at all possible theories not one. So right there you know this thing is a lie.

If your mind is closed, good for you. Believe the lie, less effort. Otherwise do some research for yourself if you want to be smarter than a brainwashed kid.

01 Oct 2019

I'm still trying to wrap my head around your views on "climate cycles" NEMO, According to this odd logic, does it mean that it's okay to continue business as usual and keep burning fossil fuels and it won't effect the climate? No, I think I'll stand with Greta and the millions of young protesters worldwide and go with the scientific evidence and facts.

01 Oct 2019

Good one.

01 Oct 2019

Yes Tom, nice of you to re-use Greta's words written by who knows who...
Don't worry, most here believe Greta is the Messie. Maybe you should read me before commenting.

I have nothing against the kid, it seems to be used as a propaganda tool. Her grand father was an actor and director, her father is an actor, her mother an opera singer (singing actress). Greta could be another actress. Isn't Hollywood ultra involved in propaganda these days? Being backed by very shady elites with creepy agendas points that way too. Propaganda for gullible westerners.

Oh, but she got nominated for a Nobel! Yeah, and who also got Nobel Peace prizes: Kissinger (also considered a war criminal by many), Al Gore for his shitty powerpoint on Global Warming, Obama (who went to be the only US president without a single day of peace: Drone wars, Lybia, Syria, Sudan). Nobel doesn't make you a saint.

You mean politicised science: who decides what temperature is normal for Earth? Science also says It's been way colder and way warmer before humans could effect it with industry. "Normal" is not very scientific.
There is a scientific thing called cycles.Climate changes cyclically.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but UN controled science is political. Meaning: it's BS.

Why don't we hear more about the 15 yr old "water warrior" instead, a native indian, a genuine person instead of an actress?

30 Sep 2019

The world's scientists are in agreement that climate change is caused by greenhouse gases caused by human activity and we're seeing it now in front of our eyes. A teenager tries to call attention to the crisis that will be effecting all her generation and she gets trashed for it. How dare you!

30 Sep 2019

Muchas gracias amigo Antonio, it's a spectacle indeed for big money

29 Sep 2019

Great job, dear NEMO, I did a job with the theme of Friday for the Future, however more and more I realize this soap opera. Thank you very much for your great work and courage to put your position in this excellent cartoon. Here my vote, for sure, Amigo !!!

29 Sep 2019

Also, who is behind the kid..., co-founder: Bono, Org is associated to Red, Bono's main "charity". Others: Soros, Bill Gates, Oprah, Julia Roberts and other Holywood people, Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, Bank of America, etc. If you believe all these people want your wellbeing...good for you.
Believers, you could become stars and make money too, here's how:
Save the planet, buy the last high end iPhone, post your climate beliefs on Youtube, drink Coca-cola in front of your webcam, moneytize it, and deposit your gains at Bank of America, Soros will also send you a check by mail and Oprah will promote your shitty book depressing climate change believers on her show. It won't save the planet but it will pay for the newer iPhone coming out.

You're welcome.
Please, as a thank you, please donate on my Paypal account.

27 Sep 2019

Here's my vote NEMO, excellent observation.

27 Sep 2019

thanks Shahid

27 Sep 2019

I like it, good luck NEMØ!.

27 Sep 2019

Great !

27 Sep 2019


27 Sep 2019

1 vote? That's already 1 vote over what I expecyed. Thanks Fadi, haha!

27 Sep 2019


27 Sep 2019

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