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Trump threatening to buy Greenland

Pitch Trump threatening to buy Greenland


17 Aug 2019


good one.

23 Aug 2019

racist icebergs
nobody is safe from it, not even icebergs

20 Aug 2019

Good one, Ant!
Well, in the past the US has bought Lousiana (from France), Alaska (from Russia), etc. Maybe, that's Trump's Plan C or D, to leave some legacy, of actually having done something (a purchase deal) when all else failed?

19 Aug 2019

Excellent work, Anthony !

18 Aug 2019

Very good.

18 Aug 2019

Great comment

18 Aug 2019

I see tons of KKK headwear here, is it a racist KKK site here?

17 Aug 2019

Nice one!

17 Aug 2019

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