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The narrative is not supported by facts and data.

Beloved Obama and his political correctness saw mass shootings increase 3 folds according to a Harvard study based on Mother Jones data and the FBI. Most remember or feel that... except the Dems and their friends in the media exploiting one shooting to mark political points (Texas) while forgetting the other one (Dayton).


08 Aug 2019


Pretty simple:
1. If a principle applies to all
2. when it doesn't apply to one party, then it's political (not logic, not true)
(Only partisans can't get that)

28 Aug 2019

you both have a problem understanding a logical argument and giving you plain facts to illustrate it is useless
a match made in heaven, you both should become best friends or marry, it's legal in Spain too now, I suppose

28 Aug 2019

Right in the target Daniel Medina...and, ouch, that hurts ;)

28 Aug 2019

Daniel, I don't think you understand my point. Everthing is in my cartoon.
Data is not opinion. Numbers on mass shootings from the FBI, an opinion. Funny guy...

2 examples at least for uou:
- A Bernie Sanders supporter went to shoot a Republican congressmen baseball game.
- The ANTIFA guy who attacked a border center had a manifesto with words from AOC and Warren (anti-ICE) who called these centers "concentration camps" (Nazi reference).

Thanks for the challenge.

10 Aug 2019

This "truth" is merely an opinion this is based in no factual data. The El Paso shooter had a manifesto that is tied to republican/Fox News talking points, of trying to stop the invasion of Mexicans and Central Americans that is taking over the US. The shooter used the same language, same construction, same discussed, and the same nuances as Trump and right-wing media. Trump has even talked about how violence is acceptable.

Now contract that to the Ohio shooter, no manifesto, and no evidence that this was based in ideology. What has Bernie/Warden ever said that would flame a person's anger enough to do this? I would challenge you, and anyone else, to find a time where a significant politician or pundit said anything that would inspire such an act. Yes, his political ideology was left-wing, but correlation is not causation. With this logic, we can say that anything he liked could have led to his decision to commit this violance.

While you think you are challenging the establishment, you are doing the oposite. By mudding up the water, you are acting as if both sides are equally to blame. Takes a moment to look at this objectively and you will see they are not.

10 Aug 2019

Thanks for the support Pete.

Yeah, the unconvenient truth is not popular these days. Someone has to say it.
The false narratives are more comfy, please don't challenge them guys, help them. Cartoonists had a tradition: challenge the establishment, not illustrate it.

09 Aug 2019

I'm with you NEMO. Thanks for once again drawing (and writing) the inconvenient truth. As always, impeccable art.

08 Aug 2019

Balance: If it works one way, it should similarly work the other way.

Dayton's shooter, is a self-declared nihilist, misanthrope, satanist, supporting AOC, said he would vote for Warren, for banning ICE. So if you can say one is a declared white supremacist, then you can also say the other is a self-declared social democrat.

If one side says Trump is responsible for a white supremacy nut, then AOC and Warren should be called responsible for a radical leftie nut.

I'm just saying these happenings are being politically explloited, that in itself being disgusting and hypocrite.

So this is only more political smear to mark points on both sides, it doesn't solve anything. It's wrong and just fueling the hate all this noise pretends to fight (swastikas are not helping).

In my opinion, one's political, religious, or group affiliations are not responsible for one's acts. The perpetrator is the sole responsible.

08 Aug 2019

This is a text book false dichotomy. The difference is that the El Paso shooter was inspired by, and even wrote a manifesto saying that he was inspired by right wing talking points. As of yet, the Ohio shooting shows no evidence of being inspired by Bernie or Warren.

08 Aug 2019

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