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The illnesses of Trump.

Pitch The illnesses of Trump.

And many many other mental illnesses.

08 Aug 2019


Maybe, but Trump need to do something credible for immigrants, built a wall isn't the better way to have good relations with Latin America, for example. Thanks for comment Cirecire.

19 Aug 2019

Because the Democrats call someone a racist doesn't make it true. They call anyone opposing them a racist.
- Trump was celebrated (when he was a Democrat) for the opportunities he offered to american-african by the same people attacking him now
- He has rejected white supremacy each time he was asked.
- He wasn`t called a racist before he entered the presidential race in 2015

Trump wants to protect his border like any country is supposed to do = racist?
Obama wanted to protect the border in 2014 = not a racist?

It's simple political smear.
Either most here are naive to believe those lies or too lazy to do some research of facts.

17 Aug 2019

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