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"Source of Inspiration"

Pitch "Source of Inspiration"

Hate speeches can become a source of inspiration for people full of fear, ignorance and hate, becoming the powder that pushes the bullets.

05 Aug 2019


Dear Pete and Ramsés, thank you so much !! :)

17 Aug 2019

Muy buena !

06 Aug 2019

My vote exceptional art

06 Aug 2019

Thank you very much, dear Cirecire, I greatly appreciate your point of view, and I share with you the overuse of this symbol, in this office to point out racism and fascism on its various sides. Actually, I thought about it when I drew it, how to be able to symbolize and for real time reasons, I went for the simplest. Intolerance, and discourses and acts of discrimination both racial and class, have no color, my dear friend. Let's see how to create a more timely and accurate description about it, okay? A big hug and thank you again for your kind and enriching comment, dear friend.

06 Aug 2019

Nice drawing, but (for this cartoon and many other swastika cartoons on this site)...

El Paso shooting: they say a white supremacist shot innocents in a Walmart, and it`s Trump`s fault because they say he's a white supremacist. He condemns it anytime you ask him and he was celebrated before he was elected for his contribution for the black community... Makes sense? Let`s say it's true...

El Paso shooter is also said to be a radical environmentalist. Should we blame the UN or Greenpeace for his shooting too? Greenpeace swastikas please?

Dayton's shooter: in the same 24h an anti-Trump pro-social-Dems (Elizabeth Warren-AOC-Omar, etc.) shoots his sister and boyfriend and others in the street
If Warren-AOC-Omar etc think it`s OK to blame El Paso on Trump, maybe they should be blamed for their own rhetoric. No swastikas for them?

If the rhetoric theory was true, explain the every 2-3 days mass shootings under Obama (so politically correct!)

05 Aug 2019

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