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Walmart Shooting

Pitch Walmart Shooting

I'll leave political biased assumptions on these happenings to others. If rhetoric was to blame, how did mass shootings expand under the politically correct rhetoric of the Obamas?

Maybe at a daily level, Walmart itself is a factor: It destroys almost all local business and the social fabric Replaces it with cheap Made in China crap Brings prices down by lowering wages making everyone miserable

Thankfully the sick minds can buy their drugs that drive them even crazier there and guns and the ammo at the same place that destroyed them And then exact their twisted revenge right there.

04 Aug 2019


scathing, yes

28 Aug 2019

Thanks. I'm glad you guys can appreciate this angle.

05 Aug 2019

Really good.

05 Aug 2019

Wow !
That is deep, NEMO !!!

05 Aug 2019

Excellent and scathing all rolled into one. My kind of cartoon

05 Aug 2019

Thanks Zach

04 Aug 2019

Interesting perspective. My vote.

04 Aug 2019

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