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Gun violence and mass shootings are an epidemic in the US. The lack of gun laws, the encouragement of white nationalist movements by Trump and other social factors are causing it.

04 Aug 2019


Thanks for the read suggestion. So the Gun Rights side outspends the Gun Control lobby.

Nobody likes to see a military weapon in the hands of crazies. Certainly not me.
The majority of Americans is for serious background checks too. T is calling for background checks...

What I don't support is political exploitation of tragedies with false narratives.
"Here is another mass shooting, Trump's fault, your donations please." Most cartoonist illustrated that without questionning the narrative and the gig behind it.

In 8 years of Obama admnin, anti-NRA, anti-gun, pro gun-control what do we get? 3 times more mass shootings than under Bush, 3x more than under Clinton. Decades under Dems rule in Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore didn't make these cities less violent, on the contrary.
Have you heard the media say "Obama's fault!", despite the worst record of mass shootings happening on his watch?

And obviously the Dems don't seem to have found a solution. Maybe they are not so much interested in finding solutions.

13 Aug 2019

I believe you're ignoring an important issue here. The NRA donates a lot of money to politicians and that results in inaction on any gun control. Background checks don't happen. Mentally disturbed people get their hands on assault weapons and kill lots of people very quickly.
The recipients of these donations are overwhelmingly Republican. If they were Democrats, I would slam them. I challenge you google and look at these contributions and get the facts. Our own senator from Texas leads the pack.

09 Aug 2019

I'm not right-wing, left-wing, bat-wing. Calling me reason-wing, or fact-wing or common-sense-wing would fit me better.

Chicago has all the gun-laws Dems have been pushing for under their reign of 50 years there. And oh boy, that worked real good.
Baltimore has been rightfully criticised for having a murder rate superior to El Salvador and Guatemala (40 murders/100k/year), Baltimore 60! Cummings has been there for 20 years. So if the GOP is bad, I don't see Dems doing a good job either.

Mass shootings under Obama, nobody blames his rhetoric. Now it's Trump rhetoric.Admitting rhetoring is a cause, it doesn't explain the surge in mass shootings under Obama. But our biased media never want to blame Obama for anthing, the "no scandal administration"

So it's a biased political assumption and not an objective attempt at understanding what is really going on.

Ideological reasoning is not common-sense.
And obviously it certainly doesn't work according to your angle, since Baltimore and Chigago under Dems for decades are the most violent cities in the US. Case closed...

04 Aug 2019

You can defend Trump all you want. That's your right as a right wing cartoonist. But he's President now, not Obama. Shootings have happened under many administrations. because of the ease of obtaining assault rifles. The NRA owned GOP senate blocks any attempt at gun control legislation. So it is a political as well as social problem. Trump incites white nationalist violence at his rallies. (I know because I went to one in El Paso).

04 Aug 2019

Luckily your interpretation isn't directly included in your good cartoon.

Politicising mass shootings? That is politics, not a comprehensive explanation.
Weren't mass shootings happening even more under Obama than Bush?
So who's fault was that? Obama good looks, his PC attitude and PC rhetoric, or maybe he was a white nationalist too?

04 Aug 2019

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