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Two gun massacres in the US: a result of Trump's hateful rhetoric? Visit our collections to see more cartoons about Trump or guns.


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05 Aug 2019


Hardly Trump has something with that. It's like a blaming Dubya for 9/11

28 Aug 2019

omg xD

22 Aug 2019

Please help me to upload my cartoons here. i joined here yesterday. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

20 Aug 2019

OMG...FAKE NEWS, FAKE NEWS hahahahah. Sorry man, it's hillarious. Indeed...fake closed :D

13 Aug 2019

Oh, you're illustrating the Media Theory:

Bad Trump is PRO-NRA = Mass Shootings (he's responsible)
if that's true, then
Lovely obama, ANTI-NRA = LESS or NO Mass Shootings

Not true:
Everybody knows masshootings multiplied under Obama. Worst record of all!
DATA shows: 3 x more mass shootings under Obama than under Bush, 3 x more than under Clinton... Quite a success

Media theory and your illustration are wrong and facts prove it.
It's not an ideological opinion. (Case closed).

Mother Jones is not right-wing. Police and FBI data are not opinion. Not Trump propaganda.

13 Aug 2019

13 Aug 2019

Whatever you say bud, but this is a cartoon about Trump-NRA shite and its implication on american society. Your issues with Obama (gosh you love that guy don't you) or further Tumpish propaganda has low interest here.

12 Aug 2019

At this point I'm writing for anyone else but Miguel.

The worst cities for shootings have been under Democrats for decades.
The worst period for massshootings since 1966 was under Obama (more than under Bush+Clinton+Bush, trpled sice 2011)
(This isn't a right-wing site. And the data used is FBI related)

So, how is it a Trump issue (he asks for red flags and better background checks?

12 Aug 2019

Do you really think density of psycopaths in disfunctional countries like US (...or Canada, nudge nudge, wiink wink), has anything to do with democrat or republican presidencies? so naif dude! Regulation of gun law is a topic which is probably more related...there Trump's policies might have something to do in the latetst wave, so the increase of hate speech. Happy days-

12 Aug 2019

Chiago, 50 years under Democrats reign, with the strongest anti-gun laws and regulations: 50 people shot every weekend, not exactly a "Trump country"...
The same could be said for Detroit and Baltimore (averaging more murders than Guatemala,60/100k/year).

Can't believe you the media lie us all day?
If the Democrats seem to have the worst record on gun crime, maybe their corruption is behind that shooting surge, have you thought of that?

12 Aug 2019

Your correlation Obama-shootings melts sustancially your theory about the nonsense of the correlation Trump-shootings. You cannot avoid the gun promotion policies of the orange moron though. No we wont convince each other, but NRA evidences will always be there, wether you like it or not.

12 Aug 2019

again with the rhetoric theory, Trump is so hateful... he normalises it... that's the reason...
Obama was not hateful in his language and he spoke after against each shooting: that's why he had 3 times more mass shootings than crazy Bush or clinton?

that is quite an interesting scientific explanation.

I won't convince you it's nonsense, so I'll stop here.

10 Aug 2019

Your spanish is pretty confusing too, you gotta check it grammatically (orthography as well).

I think is quite simple, under any president there was and there will be psycopaths, but this one is the first to normalize their reactions through his speech of hate and total subjugation to NRA and their interests.

10 Aug 2019

tu ingles es poco claro...

estoy diciendo que la teoria rhetorica de Trump, si puede responabilisar-lo en Texas
no funciona en el caso de Dayton
pero lo quieren responsabilisar en los dos casos

if the rhetoric theory was true,
how did Obama's political correctnes produce more mass shootings than Bush Sr + Clinton + Bush Jr added together ?

- he's asking for a red flag law and better background checks
- he condemns white supremacy, kkk,
he is not against "immigration",
he is against illegal immigration, like any other country in the world...
and that is the rhetorical manipulation in the media!

10 Aug 2019

Hello? "so declared" ideology of a psychopath doesn't have anything to see with his/her easy acces to guns, which availability policy is promoted by Trump.A different discussion would be Trum's inmigration policies. Nvertherless, name a far left guy to that psycho means "left" concept in USA is definitely degraded.

10 Aug 2019

tu dibujo parece decir que si...

if what we are told is true that Trump:s rhetoric is to blame for a racist (and radical environmentalist) killer...
how would he be also responsible for a far-left satanic killer, pro Warren and AOC, pro-Antifa, anti-ICE... I thought Trump wanted to enforce the border, but he would be responsible for an open borders killer?

this rhetoric theory seems highly illogical

10 Aug 2019

Gracias Antonio!

05 Aug 2019

Estupendo trabajo, Miguel !! Felicidades !! :)

05 Aug 2019

Grazie Enrico!

05 Aug 2019

Good one, congrats.

05 Aug 2019

Very good, Congrats Miguel!

05 Aug 2019

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