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Fertilizing hate - El Paso shooting

Pitch Fertilizing hate - El Paso shooting

El Paso, Ohio. When a president's behavior enables you to think of others as a plague

04 Aug 2019


Hi Cirecire, Thanks for pointing out this matter. I've checked and as far as I can see - in average - there are slightly more killings under Trump than Obama. But even when the figures were even or more on Obama's side: it is not appropiate for a president to openly communicate racism and slaunder parts of the population with aggressive words. There's the big difference. Here in Holland we had a political murder in 2001 (I think). A right wing poltician. And for years the left has been accused of demonizing this man leading to that murder. And that was not one tenth of what Trump is vomiting nowadays. If it goes for left, it will also count for the right. I think people should stop shouting too quickly with words like kill him, send them out. Even when they back my cartoon I don't like it when they say (and they did) 'This man should be dead'.

05 Aug 2019

Fertilizing hate... OK.
If mass shootings happen because a president talks trash...

Explain why mass shootings seriously became a 2-3 day occurrence under Politically-Correct Obama.
Please, this is not science, but media biased BS.

04 Aug 2019

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