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Trump's Racism

Pitch Trump's Racism

Not even my shadow should be black...

30 Jul 2019


It's Ok. Diversity in opinions make us progress. Big hugs!

31 Jul 2019

Okay, I don't need to go any further than this, we can have different opinions on the same matter of course, but just to wider the information here for maybe you and maybe others reading this...

His language can be too harsh and as many, I can agree on that too that it doesn't help to use more virulent language than needed.

But it isn't racist to call out a person (of whatever color, race, tribe, group, etc) for their hypocrisy.

About his attacks on the Squad (Omar-AOC-Tlaib+1):
Saying you can go back to where you came from can appear racist, indeed.

But if you know the larger context:
1. He said if you don't like America (after America made you congresswoman) you can "Go back" to your failed states, make it better and come back and lecture us then. (You can check yourself by reading his Tweets instead of the media filtered versions)
2. The same Squad has been making agressive and racist statements themselves: anti-america, anti-white, calling the administration immigration policies nazi (the same policies since Clinton at least, Obama wasn't attacked for it), all of them making anti-semitic comments, and even taking pro-terror positions or refusing to condemn a terror attack at the border.
3. Even the DNC had to issue a resolution to condemn their statements back in March, that's important. They have been called out by their own party. And now they attacked it even more, Pelosi is bending to these radicals.
4. Crazy Dems call anyone they attack a racist, when themselves use racist language. It was fun to see AOC call Pelosi a racist.

So... is it racist to call out racists?
Is it Okay to represent a country you hate?
Is it okay to let hypocrite racists call everyone they attack racists?
It's the oldest Dems trick, it's a political tool, and it is a broken one.

31 Jul 2019


31 Jul 2019

I never base my criteria on Media, always make my on criteria based on facts, and in this case, based on President's Tweets, Speechs and Behavior, and of course on the whole concept of RACISM itself

31 Jul 2019

Isn't he friends with Kanye West and tryng to get A$AP out of jail?
Isn't he friend with MLK family?
Wasn't he celebrated by Jesse Jackson (Civil Rights activist) for his support of black communities?
Didn't he intervene to free a few black basketball players from jail (was it in China?). Didn't he reform the jaied time for non-violent acts that was putting so many african-american in jail
If it's about Cummings, being black doesn't mean you can expose him for being a corrupt rat stealing the money from the community while letting his district become a doomed ratcity...

Even Sanders criticised Baltimore for that :
"Residents of Baltimore's poorest neigborhoods have lifespans shorter than people living under dictatorship in North Korea. That is a disgrace."
Sanders must be a racist too then.

Media lie a lot, we don't have to believe everything they say.

31 Jul 2019

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