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26 Jul 2019


Good one. Congrats!

31 Jul 2019

Thank you, Timo, Pente, Anilamation, Nemo, Mao!

28 Jul 2019

Oh! Well stated all of you.

27 Jul 2019

sorry for the typos on my long comment, typing on a phone...

26 Jul 2019


26 Jul 2019

and by the way, I love your cartoon, my vote
(I believe the lumberjack burntthe forest so he has more trees to cut to make him rich)

26 Jul 2019

Yeah, I always think of those poor animals in the forest.Your wolf is very suggestive despite the quick lines.


Now, About "WILDFIRES"... I know most here believe in the Global Warming THEORY (only politicians and journalists say it's a scientific certitude, a scientific paper can't say it because Climate is still not 99% understood, it is not an established science. I won't get into debating this with believers). Everything is not about CLIMATE, It is also a CRIMINAL problem.

I read recently there used to be 175 wildfires a year in Europe. It jumped to over 1 400. Crazy jump. Huge differences from one year to another. Either the definition changed (natural cause). Look at Sweden in this graph (from 400 to 19 000 ??? WTF !!!):
It doesn't look NATURAL at all to me...

I used to go to Portugal often, it has been going on since I was a kid. Every knows there is a FIRE MAFIA, in villages everyone knows who puts the fires and shuts up about it, Last year a friend of mine there saw a fire Helicopter go down to the river to scoop water, drop something, and a fire started.... Incendiairy bombs with timers found last year. A few years back in Italy a group of firemen were putting fires, they were discovered because their average of interventions doubled or tripled the other squads in the region. They get paid by interventions...
It serves many people, in business and politics.

15 fires in the same night almost at the same time in Greece a couple years ago. Over 100 deaths? Same thing in California ever year. Intense extremely rapid "wildfires", hundreds dead. When you have a dozen fires in NorCali starting at 11pm in the same region and they blame it on drought and wind (almost no wind...)

It is undeniable of those Wildfires are highly suspicious.

And it's a crime going up from the bottom poor looking for quick cash to a business mafia and paid officials to shut up to the highest degrees with an agenda. That's why they can't stop it.
The least we could do is resist by not believing their BS and point to the crime.

I believe I said enough.

26 Jul 2019

Brilliant one, Paolo!
Drought coming soon to a forest near you?

26 Jul 2019

Tremendous Paolo

26 Jul 2019

Nice one! :D

26 Jul 2019

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