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Evidence has shown that Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen gave a porn star hush money to keep her quiet before the 2016 election. Cohen went to prison while Trump is immune because he is President.

22 Jul 2019


Hush money to silence damaging information that could swing an election in a candidate's favor is considered a thing of value and in this case was not reported. It is a violation of campaign laws and is against the law. Trump knew about it and lied about it.

I don't do cartoons that are not factual.

22 Jul 2019

Hush money is not ilegal
It would somewhat been a problem if the mone paid came from campaign funds, it didn"t. If it were, a fine would have been the price to pay

Cohen is in jail for his own missdeeds (taxi medallion fraud for example)
You are conflating two different stories
This story has been cleared by Congress, it's over, and what you are saying here is media lie prior (and apparently still on for a few) to the Congress hearings. It's a dead horse.

You are welcomed to go check for yourself.

22 Jul 2019

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