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Wiping refugees off of his shoulders

Pitch Wiping refugees off of his shoulders


19 Jul 2019



22 Jul 2019

Excellent work !

21 Jul 2019

Excellent work, Dino ! Migration laws are hard and precise, but absent justice and often used in a twisted way. The lack of responsibility of these governments, who have been part of the origin of the migration problem, in geopolitical and commercial wars, is more than evident in the case of the US, with Trump, Obama (who had the record of mass deportations in his administration) and his predecessors.

19 Jul 2019

ICE is not going after refugees (who have a legal status), but illegals (who illegally crossed the border).

If Trump is a bad person, a Nazi for that as most cartoonist here seem to pretend, so is Obama... ICE was in charge of doing the same job then.

Can you land in Dubai, Australia, Japan and stay without documents? Are they bad monsters, Nazis for that too?

Let`s have over 1 million illegals get in Greece every year, see how fast you can build cities and infrastructure for them... And become financially overwhelmed when you already are in serious debt trouble.

You`re not the only one repeating this falsehood here. I suggest you verify that info for yourself instead of believing first.

19 Jul 2019

Brilliant pun!

19 Jul 2019

Refugees go to ports of entry. Illegals cross borders without permission. Media are deliberately confusing both. Going after undocumented illegals is not like going after refugees with a staying legal status.

19 Jul 2019

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