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World Politics

World Politics

What world politics seems to be about these days. If you want to see more cartoons about the international community**, visit our collection.


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18 Jul 2019


Amazing cartoon

26 Jul 2019

Thanks dear Antonio and Fadi . Best wishes :)

22 Jul 2019

Congratulations, Halit !

20 Jul 2019

Amazing work, Halit !! Congratulations !!

19 Jul 2019

Thank you my brother Ramses ! Best Wishes from Bursa.🙏👍😊

18 Jul 2019

Thank you, dear Tjeerd. You're right. Xi could have been. But there are more unseen candidates behind the stairs.😊

18 Jul 2019

Congratulations, dear friend!!!

18 Jul 2019

Awesome cartoon! I am missing China, though, shouldn't Xi be up there as well?

18 Jul 2019

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