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Back Where They Came From

Pitch Back Where They Came From

Trump fired off tweets trashing minority freshmen democrats with racist remarks.

15 Jul 2019


Don't think the squad is in the same league with Trump when it comes to hateful, racist rhetoric.

17 Jul 2019

Pelosi was called a racist by AOC last week, ha ha!

16 Jul 2019

That same little radical squad that has been condemned in March by a House Democratic resolution for their antisemitic and other hateful and racist remarks

Somehow I haven't seen Dems represented as Nazis or KKK then for trying to tame that group...
I haven't seen the Nazi-KKK cartoons to describe these radical women

Now cartoonists defend a bunch of ingrateful pro-terror anti-american hateful-racist brats because they are attacked by a Trump tweet. So he must be Nazi-NKKK? If that's the logic, why doesn't it apply the other way around?

16 Jul 2019


16 Jul 2019


16 Jul 2019

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