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In the land of the American "Dream", where children are kept in cages !!


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06 Jul 2019


Nemo is very bang on in almost off his words here. Well done, fellow Canadian.

12 Jul 2019

Those kids did not cross borders,
The borders crossed them.

11 Jul 2019

i understand i can,t shake you out of those narratives but for the readers, I'll try

itranians are good people and they dislike their extreme religious rogue regime too
giving nukes to rogue regimes (claiming death to america while getting the deal) and failed states is not a smart idea: give nukes to Somalia pirates then and see what happens.

non-citizens entering a nation under the rule of law are illegal by definition
they could ask for legal entry at their nation US embassy instead of crossing borders with no authorisation

you might be confusing with a philosophical notion, it would be legitimate for indigenous people, but it would still be illegal nontheless

if Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia were to flood South Africa borders with hundreds of thousands every month, how long could your country sustain it before it would have to cease any social function, how fast can you build infrastructure for millions of newcomers, who would pay for that?

reality and ideals don't play on the same field

marking political points by smear instead of pushing for a stop of the family incentive is still not helping the kids.

09 Jul 2019

A "thing called Diplomacy with Enemy Regimes" is a good thing especially when they have Nukes.
Thats why it was STUPID to scrap the Iran deal !!
And the Indigenous people of America are not "Illegal" !!

09 Jul 2019

1. "friends with"... real leaders pursuing peace are supposed to do a thing called diplomacy to
establish better to good relationships with enemy regimes.
even more necessary when they have nukes.
search for "cold war detente" to find an example of that.

2. the "family loophole" (making it easier to get in and stay by bringing a kid) incites illegals (uninvited, undocumented migrants) to bring with them children (theirs or 30% not related abused kids) on a perilous travel and then massively overcoming border control facilities, etc.

3. even if you believe Trump is a virtual Amin Dada Hitler... how stopping that child abuse would benefit a dictator? he is trying to close that loophole. wouldn't it help the kids in the first place? and it would be more humane, less "nazi"

(if i can't convince you, it's okay, maybe others will reflect on this)

08 Jul 2019

I bore the brunt of being a cartoonist of colour in Apartheid South Africa.
We need to make historical comparisions, so that it doesn't happen again.
If you havent noticed, Donald Trump shows all the traits of Idi Amin and Adolf Hitler.
His best friends are Putin and Kim who kill dissidents.
If Donald Trump gets a second term, he will turn the US into a Banana Republic.
He will have cronies in the judiciary, he will build a Gas Chamber and will change every law to make Ivanka become the next President to keep him out of jail.

08 Jul 2019

I agree with NEMØ.

07 Jul 2019


Migrants are told that crossing the border with their children will help them get in.
30% of the investigated families are fake.
that means: borrowed, rented, kidnapped, abused, trafficked kids...

Children (and adults) are kept in seperated transitory common fenced spaces, while the border agents investigate if those mostly undocumented families are real, etc.
Those so-called cages in fact might save many

the caravans entering massively create overcrowding
the Dems voted against funding help to the border at least 17 times (last time I checked) and they don't seem to help closing this "family" loophole
the media use the bad imagery
this is not new

the Museum of the holocaust condemned calling these transitory centers "concentration Camps"
Jews were forced into camps, not invited to go home, and not released

Sorry but cartoons like this are not helping the kids but the lie told by the media to mark political points

06 Jul 2019

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