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Google Versus China

Google Versus China

Google has introduced a new tool called uProxy, that will help Internet users to circumvent government interference. Google motto is 'Don't Be Evil', but Google's role in China is a questionable one. One the one hand, by developing tools like uProxy, it helps support an open Internet; on the other hand, Google's activities in China support the censoring policies of the government.

29 Oct 2013


Thank you so much i really like it.

23 Feb 2011

Hi Laura. Here is your cartoon...

19 Feb 2011

It's not a bad idea. I like it. But remember that the cartoon should be primarily simple as to be transparent and understandable. So I think it is unnecessary to draw free people and EU computers. Fully sufficient to draw the second part of the idea. And it should be clear who put chains on his hands. I mean, for example, China's symbol on it or something like that.

17 Feb 2011

I heard about china and google but I think that this what china is doing just can`t be done in 21 century anymore. People have human rights.So I think that China can`t just keep hiding information`s for people. This has to do with Net-Neutrality what means human right to write and expres your self on internet, and get all of the information that you want and need. I was thinking about a cartoon with a computers on it, and on one side the free people and computers of EU and on the other side computers locked with chains and people with plaster`s on their mounth. What do you think of this idee?
Thank you.

16 Feb 2011

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