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The new king of England

Pitch The new king of England

Boris is likely to be chosen as successor of Theresa May. Will he manage to get England free again?


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13 Jun 2019


The guy is like England's Trump. Why would anyone vote for him?

14 Jun 2019

Nice one.

13 Jun 2019

You can see the cartoon being used in this blog. Since Dino and I discovered we had almost the same idea, the compliments in the text below refer also to you - not the piece about Boris' hair.

I’ve seen a lot of Brexit cartoons from across the briny, but mostly came away knowing that Theresa May had leopard-skin patterned shoes and that cartoonists did not seem to like her very much and that Boris Johnson has funny hair.

Beyond that, the issues have seemed distant and (thus) uncompelling, but this piece by Maartin Wolterink caught my eye because, not only does he not go overboard on Johnson’s hair, but I’m delighted that whosoever shall remove Britain from the European Union is thereby rightful King. Or Prime Minister. Whichever.

Particularly since Wolterink doesn’t depict him actually accomplishing it. A delightful use of a cultural reference, and one that is specifically dear to the heart of Merry Old England!

13 Jun 2019

A bit Dutch since I lived 3 years in Belgium. I admire your work as well :)

13 Jun 2019

Thanks Dino! (you speak French or Dutch?) One: things like these can happen because we all rather use the same logic to get to the best form for our message. Two: great minds are alike!

13 Jun 2019

I believe you Maarten then :) have a nice day

13 Jun 2019

Hi Dino. I got this idea yesterday evening and started drawing it this morning. I did not check if someone already used this idea, but I reckoned it would have been done, but in another way. And so it is, I link it to the return of Boris as PM now May has resigned. I can honestly tell you that I didn't know your cartoon or others that use the stone/sword image for the Brexit. Hope you're okay with my explanation

13 Jun 2019

13 Jun 2019

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