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The president Sarkozy knows surely how to take advantage of the terrorist killing in Toulouse for his election campaign, in which safety is a central topic

22 Mar 2012


:-) bellissima la vignetta di ellekappa i oggi sul tema...

24 Mar 2012

e meno mle che lo voleva vivo, ti figuri se lo voleva morto!

23 Mar 2012

In fact, Sarkozy will probably not be able to keep a low profile, because otherwise the risk of emergence defects of the police and investigators. While his strong fist policy against foreigners and Rom in particular is one of the strengths to his electorate...Thanks Eikos for your point of view, it's difficult to speak about a country if you aren't inside...thanks also to dear Vladimir and Joseba, too kind

22 Mar 2012

Indeed, now the thing is, everybody in France should already be aware that Sarkozy was aware of that terrorist guy since 2010 ... lets see (hope) if it explode in his face this time :)

22 Mar 2012


22 Mar 2012


22 Mar 2012

thanks saad

22 Mar 2012

Yes Cecigan....most of the presidents are doing the same but at the last and exact moment...Obama will do the same (with bin laden card) vote to you Cecigan.

22 Mar 2012

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