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Abortion  in the USA, legal but impossible to do

Pitch Abortion in the USA, legal but impossible to do

Alabama law, protests, boycotting and money blocking, all standing in the way of a federal right to abortion


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16 May 2019


Hi Nemo, it is indeed still possible but the opponents are getting more and more in the way. Women do not dare to speak up, founding a clinic is being delayed by the authorities (even after twhen they are functioning) and the operation is hard to get insured so people have to pay themselves. Abortion after three months is possible within the law but only few clinics are allowed to do so.There is a new religious wind blowin. (Also in Europe in Hungary and Poland) Hard to ignore because people like Trump need those people for votes.

16 May 2019

Alabama is 1 State. Since Roe & Wade there's been over 60 million abortions. Late abortions (way after the 3 months) are practiced all over. So it doesn't seem impossible at all...

16 May 2019


16 May 2019

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