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One week after uploading my cartoon it remained unpublished

After much insistance, I finally received this answer from CS

"I had a look at the cartoon, but I might need a bit more detail, as I don't understand the point it is making"

I believe the point is stated in the title

An UNELECTED ROOKIE (unknown, never tested as a people representative) becomes president


  1. A Rothchild banker, bad omen
  2. Occult symbolism of his stage / gesture under the eerie eyes of the pyramid
  3. Serving the EU 1st

If they don't get it, nobody gets it? You tell me


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01 May 2019

Subroom: Controversial & Rejected


Maybe too descriptive. It showed Macron in an evil light from day 1,

Thanks Pete.

02 May 2019

Very descriptive and as always an excellent caricature, my vote NEMO

02 May 2019

Thanks for your comment BioseEd.

I agree. But political cartoons based on caricature, by definition, rarely flatter it's subject. Sometimes it's intentional, sometimes it's bad drawing, sometimes the subject is not that pretty. Can we avoid censorsihp by making our leaders look handsome?

01 May 2019

You asked for comments: Sorry, but the two side panels don't tell me anything and the middle is just an unflattering image of Macron.

01 May 2019

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