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Where There's Smoke There's Fire

Pitch Where There's Smoke There's Fire

With French authorities declaring the Notre Dame fire to be "accidentally lit" even before investigators had moved in, and at least two eyewitness videos showing suspicious characters lurking on upper floors of the cathedral, and a previous plot to destroy the cathedral with a car full of gas cylinders thwarted by police back in 2016, the jury is still out on whether the French government is covering up the real cause of the fire.


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17 Apr 2019


Both Muslim and Zionist agents have praised this burning and claimed it retribution for a wrong.

19 Apr 2019


17 Apr 2019

..makes me think a lot too, Ramses... At many levels..

17 Apr 2019

Notre Dame makes me think a lot... well done!

17 Apr 2019


17 Apr 2019

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