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Dossier Blowback

Pitch Dossier Blowback

REJECTED _ 2017, paid Trump-Dossier (mostly by HRC) exposed (by the House and Senate Committees).

CS: "What is fair and legal to say in this cartoon is that the Clinton campaign was financially involved in the production of the Steele dossier, so if you can remove the number and the reference to the pee tape, we can accept and post the cartoon..."

Minimisation by bringing down the total amount of the operation to one of its parts based on one news article.

My answer: maybe I could bring it further down to the price of paper used to print it.

10 Apr 2019

Subroom: Controversial & Rejected


Thanks Antonio, Enrico, Pete. Yeah, it was one of my favourites then...

17 Apr 2019

Wow, fantastic

11 Apr 2019

Strong one.

11 Apr 2019

Great one, dear NEMO !!

10 Apr 2019

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