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Griffin Beheading

Pitch Griffin Beheading

REJECTED (Obviously, there is violence there)

2017, Hasbeen-actress-turned-anti-trump-activist (Kathie Griffin) emulated IS with a Trump head prop for shock value. It turned against her. Her act was heavily circulated everywhere, including in prime time TV news. But a cartoon...NO?

Reason given by CS, their generic response: "Thank you for sending us this cartoon, unfortunately it is not quite right for CS. Sorry." (in quote marks in their own message, haha!)

I had many works rejected, censored and shadowbanned in the last 2 years. But I'll focus on my main censor, in the UK (!!!)


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09 Apr 2019

Subroom: Controversial & Rejected


Excellent!! Well done NEMO

11 Apr 2019

Thinner than a japanese condom, gracias Antonio.

10 Apr 2019

These CS have very thin skin, dear NEMO he he :P . Here my vote

10 Apr 2019

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