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Jussie Smollett directed and acted in his own hate crime hoax.

A progressist activist for a while and close to many leaders on the left (Kamala Harris and the Obamas), he's well protected. Tina Chen, Michelle Obama chief of staff, interviened in his case. All 16 charges were dropped in exchange of a (cheap) deal. A few hours of community service and $10 000.

14 detectives worked on his fake case. The police is outraged. The Mayor (ex Obama chief of staff) asks for Jussie to cover the costs of the investigation, $130 000. Jussie refuses to pay what he earns in a single episode of Empire.


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07 Apr 2019


Surely Jussie could have provided that contact himself. That's BS.
Jussie got a deal without having to plead guilty which is not the regular procedure. That confirms he is politically protected at the highest levels.

08 Apr 2019

"My sole activity was to put the chief prosecutor in the case in touch with an alleged victim's family," Tina Tchen said in a statement to PEOPLE. Tchen describes herself as a “family friend” of the Smolletts. You're right that the whole thing stinks, though.

08 Apr 2019

I have no interest for that tool (it sounded fake from day 1 anyway).
But I don't see those illustrating his story before the facts were in cartooning the fraud... Why is that? The fraud is more shocking than his hoax.
That's why I had to do it.

07 Apr 2019

As always, excellent caricatures and a no-bullshit cartoon. My vote NEMO

07 Apr 2019

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