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Leading bank in Catalonia, La Caixa was accused of intentionally misleading people for their own financial gains (same old story!). I drew a cartoon based on the logo (originally designed by Joan Miró), which I submitted at the last minute to ensure it was published. I received a phone call from the angry newspaper director the following day expressing his added disappointment that by coincidence the cartoon was published in the newspaper next to a whole page advertisement of the same bank La Caixa.


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29 Mar 2019

Subroom: Controversial & Rejected


Funny one.

01 Apr 2019

Ha ha, buena. Your strategy and the result, well done : karma !

29 Mar 2019

Screw me, hahahaha

29 Mar 2019

Thanks amigo Elchicotriste! No, it was for a newspaper beginning with an E and finishing with an i (El Punt Avui).

29 Mar 2019

Hahahahahaha...excellent my friend. I guess it was in the newspaper beginning with an A and finishing with another A, right?

29 Mar 2019

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