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The real Dutch spirit

Pitch The real Dutch spirit

The coming out of The Netherlands. Fascism is walking the streets after the latest elections.


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21 Mar 2019


It's so sad to hear about this.

23 Mar 2019

I'm not for long discussion theads here either.

Most here don't know about him. You didn't name him. So it's Thierry Baudet.
A link to an article illustrating your viewpoint would help avoid this.

21 Mar 2019

Hi Nemo, I'm not that for communicating by way of reactions on a cartoon. Let's put it this way: 19% of the country follows a men who's fund of Mein Kampf, who sees the Islam as not welcome in our country, who has had contact with Le Pen and several other creepy doctrine guys, who campaigned on during the tram assault in Utrecht and blamed it on the foreigners. And then we still have Wilders who's lost a lot of his voters to this new man. Yes, The Netherlands is in the grasps of fascism, even though a cordon sanitaire could stall time

21 Mar 2019

I just read about it (in the Guardian, they don't call him a fascist, and that paper is not right-wing).

"Analysts have said despite the populists’ improved performance it will not easily be translated into increased clout in the upper house, since the other parties have pledged not to work with them."

The main parties pledge them out...
I don't know if that "populist" is a "fascist" or not. But isn't that pretty fascist for the establishment to decide to reject the expression of the people, not listen and let the frustration grow with contempt?

Macron would approve, and see how it goes for him...

21 Mar 2019

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