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Rotten Egg...

Pitch Rotten Egg...

My sympathies to the victims of the despicably evil Christchurch terrorist attack and an acknowledgement that sadly yes, there are rotten eggs among Caucasians, just as there are among other racial and religious groups, which is what an earlier version of this cartoon alluded to not long after a July 2016 terrorist attack in Nice, France.


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17 Mar 2019


Great Pete!

17 Mar 2019

I think the moment we start thinking in terms of division we are lost in the maze of hatred... We are Humans... just one simply race... and not so intelligent as we used to think... great image.

17 Mar 2019

Excellent work, dear Pete !! My deepest condolences to the families of the victims of this cruel attack, my friend. Here my vote.

17 Mar 2019

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