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Independentism trial  explained for dummies

Pitch Independentism trial explained for dummies

The 6th and 7th of september 2017, the independentists parties representing barely a 46% of the catalan voters took the catalan parliament with ilegal procedures depriving of their rights to the rest 54% of the catalan voters (majority non independentist). The responsables for this coup to the catalan law are now being judge for it, despite the nationalist propaganda displayed by the right wing parties of Catalonia in cooperation with far left antisystem groups or the support of other far right wing european parties like Vlaams Belang in Belgium or Salvini's lega nord. Pretty simple.


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12 Feb 2019


Specially when their idea is violating the will of the majority of catalans, kidnapped by their coup d'etat (54%)

13 Feb 2019

"Independents are not stopped by their thinking"
The question is not the idea, is if you have declared independence unilaterally skipping what the Constitution

13 Feb 2019

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