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Immoral Wall

Pitch Immoral Wall

Obama and more Dems including Schumer and Clinton (not Pelosi) signed the Fence Act in 2006, refunded it and were for a stronger border security up to 2014. Then Trump said "Wall" and it became an "Immoral", "Racist" thing.

What is racist? - a border - a fence - a wall - semantics - politics (only racist if Trump wants it)


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30 Jan 2019


Te agradesco Antonio

01 Feb 2019

Estupendo trabajo, NEMO !! here my vote, glady !

31 Jan 2019

Good one.

31 Jan 2019

I can't find words to describe it, you do, haha!

30 Jan 2019

I wanted to find a way to articulate Democrat numbskullery and skullduggery and I think you have done it here. Great work, again

30 Jan 2019

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