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The Nathan Philips Lesson

Pitch The Nathan Philips Lesson

The Native American Vietnam Veteran Nathan Philips was performing a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery for Native Americans soldiers who lost their lives in Vietnam, when a large group of white High School students wearing MAGA caps startet to taunt, mock and harrass him while surrounding him in mob style manner.


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20 Jan 2019


It saddens me to see cartoonists jumping on the wrong wagon with this story. The truth is SO easy to see on longer videos. The kids were not doing any of those things. They did NOT surround him. He approached THEM and got in their faces right after they were subjected to horrendous verbal abuse by Black Israelites. Amazing how fast folks grabbed on to the MSM cut version and put out this story which they are now rescinding since the videos are out showing the truth. So sad you all.

22 Jan 2019

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