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 Dark Side of the Moon, Dark Side of the Chinese

Pitch Dark Side of the Moon, Dark Side of the Chinese

China lands a probe on the previously unexplored "dark" side of the moon.

-- Rest of the World: "Bravo!"

China detains up to 1,000,000 Uyghur Muslims in "re-education" camps in north-west China.

-- Rest of the World: "That's China's business."

Fuck you China.

Apologies to Pink Floyd.




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03 Jan 2019


Pnk Floyd is trending these days...
A friend of mine told me you could use the band's cover for the moon landing... And I told him a few used it before I knew... Well thought Pete.

07 Jan 2019

Hear hear!

04 Jan 2019

So true Pete. We are all living on the dark side of the Earth.

04 Jan 2019

Nice idea

04 Jan 2019

Pete! I was waiting all this while for your take on Pink Floyd 2.0 !
Maybe in 10 years, the surviving band members may actually record on the Dark Side of the Moon...

03 Jan 2019

Beautiful, Pete

03 Jan 2019

Good idea.

03 Jan 2019

Great Pete!

03 Jan 2019

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