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Wishing you a Merry offensive Christmas

Pitch Wishing you a Merry offensive Christmas

MeToo and others taking offense for Christmas songs and stories taken out of context.

  • "Baby it's cold outside" is deemed sexist,

  • White Christmas is racist

  • Frosty is a climate denier,

  • Rudolf is a bullied kid, so it's a bad story,

Ban everything!

24 Dec 2018


Ha, ha! I guess I am Noor. (Doesn't a double negative mean positive?)
Grazie Enrixo
Obrigado Rodrigo

27 Dec 2018

You, Sir, are a BAD BAD Canadian! Laughing hard.

27 Dec 2018

Really nice.

27 Dec 2018

Yep. It's getting crazy! Very relevant

25 Dec 2018

Gracias amigos.
(I guess they didn't realized yet that we have been turned off by their bullsh** for a while already).

24 Dec 2018

Excellent 'toon!

24 Dec 2018

He's done it again. Great work Maestro.

24 Dec 2018

I wonder how far we are going with this manichean and inquisitorial tendency, dear NEMO. Excellent work, as always!

24 Dec 2018

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