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Admittedly I was pretty angry when I started this one, but I've calmed down now a bit.

I'm talking about the case of the two Scandinavian university students hiking through the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, butchered like animals by Islamists who pledged allegiance to Islamic State.

Murdering Cowards.

That's all I have to say.


22 Dec 2018


Don t for get the Danish media who did not report this story to the public!

27 Dec 2018

Thanks Anilamation, Ramses, Emad

23 Dec 2018

Good one dear Pete

22 Dec 2018


22 Dec 2018

Brainwashed cowards! Have no more capacity of guilt, remorse or compassion!

22 Dec 2018

Video (viewer discretion advised)

22 Dec 2018

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